Welcome at the Archaeological site of Plakari, Karystos, Greece

Staff and specialists

List of staff with their specialties (in alphabetical order)



Bert Brouwenstijn: archaeological illustrator and photographer (VU University Amsterdam)



Ruben Brugge: GIS specialist (VU University Amsterdam)




Dr. Xenia Charalambidou: EIA pottery analysis (Fitch Laboratory, British School at Athens)



Dr. Maria Chidiroglou: Classical pottery analysis (National Archaeological Museum, Athens);



Dr. Jan Paul Crielaard: project director, field director (VU University Amsterdam)



Jaap Fokkema: topographical surveyor, Total Station specialist (VU University Amsterdam)




Anne van Hilst: field assistant (VU University Amsterdam)



Dr. Maaike Groot: zoo-archaeological research (VU University Amsterdam)



Maria Kontaki & Pantelis Pheleris: metal conservators (National Archaeological Museum, Athens);



Maria Kosma:project co-director, archaeologist 11th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities (Chalkida);



Daphne Lentjes: archaeobotanical research (VU University Amsterdam)



Filiz Songu: find administration, analysis of small finds and pottery