29 february 2012
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29 February 2012


Maria Chidiroglou defends PhD thesis on ancient Karystia


On 29 February 2012 Maria Chidiroglou, who is a member of the Plakari Archeological Project, defended her PhD thesis at the University of Athens, School of Philosophy, Faculty of History and Archaeology. Her thesis, entitled “Ancient Karystia. A Contribution to the History and Archaeology of the Region, from Geometric to Roman Imperial times”, was supervised by Professors E. Simantoni-Bournia, S. Aneziri and St. Katakis. It contains an overview of the ongoing research of the ancient city and chora of Karystos, including topographical data, related inscriptional and literary testimonia, as well as an outline of the sculptures, ceramics, bronze and terracotta finds of the region, which are housed in the Karystos Museum, as well as in other Museums, and are dated to the period from the Geometric to Roman Imperial times. Through the study of inscriptions found in Karystos, in other areas of Euboea, in Athens, in the Aegean and in mainland Greece, an exploration of the various commercial, social and cultural relations of this city-state with other regions is attempted, whereas the presentation of finds focuses on the interplay between local production and imports.

We wish to congratulate Dr. Chidiroglou for obtaining her degree and are convinced that her thesis will constitute a landmark in the study of the archaeology of Karystia.