18 february 2012
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18 February 2012

Fitch Laboratory Senior Visiting Fellowship for Dr. Maaike Groot


The Fitch Laboratory academic committee of the British School at Athens has decided unanimously to offer a Fitch Laboratory Senior Visiting Fellowship for 2012-2013 to Dr. Maaike Groot. As a member of the Plakari Archeological Project, Maaike is responsible for the zooarchaeological research. She will be in Karystos during and after the summer campaign of 2012, especially for the study of the animal bones associated with the Early Iron Age bothros that otherwise contains votive offerings of metal, stone and terracotta, and an enormous amount of sherds belonging to pottery shapes used for (ritualized) eating and drinking. The complex is expected to provide important information about the ritual use of animals and other cult practices in this early Greek sanctuary, but also about animal husbandry and the rural economy of Early Iron Age Karystos. Later in the year Maaike will continue her research at the British School at Athens and its Fitch Laboratory so as to study the bone material in more detail using the Laboratory’s reference collection for the further determination of bone samples and using the School’s library facilities for additional literature study.

We congratulate Maaike for this fellowship and wish to express our thanks to the Fitch Laboratory staff and academic committee of the British School for their active support of this part of our research in Plakari.